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Pilot Training

At our flight school, we have programs and courses for every stage of your flight education—from recreational to advanced pilot training.

Fly for the fun of it!

The first step to becoming a licensed pilot.

Turn your love of flying into a career.

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Why do Pilot Training
at Aquila

Quality education

Our mission is to provide students with high-quality and cost-effective education they can use to build their aviation careers.

Pay as you fly

No upfront costs or large deposits are required. Manage your budget more effectively.  Pay as you fly for each flight training session you complete.

Clean and modern fleet

Our fleet of newest model airplanes is the industry’s finest for flight training. Learn more about our fleet.

Great location

Abbotsford International Airport provides the perfect training ground, exposing students to different flying environments and is only minutes from the practice area.

Dedicated instructors

Our instructors are highly trained professionals and are passionate about aviation. They place great emphasis on making sure our students come first.

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I took my PPL training at Aquila aviation and found it to be extremely supportive to the students needs. Financially they are extremely transparent and want the best outcome for each student; never wasting one’s time.

Soleina H.

Fantastic learning environment staffed by high quality instructors. The aircraft they fly are newer than most flying schools in Canada. As a student with deadlines they’ve been very accommodating to help me meet my goals, and do so without wasting extra time or money.

Joseph A.

Fantastic school, the owner is incredibly patient, compassionate, and understanding. They always put the student first and never focus on the money.

10/10 recommend enrolling.

Malachi S.

About Aquila Aviation

We are a locally owned and operated flight school based in Abbotsford, BC. We are passionate about all aspects of aviation and our mission is to provide quality flight training for aspiring pilots.