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Obtain your pilot’s license and additional endorsements with Aquila Aviation. We pride ourselves on providing quality flight training with safety and cost-effectiveness as a priority.

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Our mission is to train skilled and confident pilots that are ready to tackle any career they might be interested in pursuing.

We operate out of Abbotsford International Airport, in the heart of the British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. With Airline operations, proximity to the practice area, and varied terrain nearby, Abbotsford International Airport provides the ideal training ground for a student pilot.

Our satisfied students

A great place to get your flight training! These guys are knowledgeable and super friendly.

The training is to the point. Their aim is your success. They’re not there to waste your time, so you likely save money.

Gerrit P.

Aquila Aviation are definately the ones to go to for flight training. The are very good-hearted, kind and professional. They are not just training me to be a pilot, but a professional, confident and safe pilot. I am really looking forward to further my training with them.

Jordan S.

I took my PPL training at Aquila aviation and found it to be extremely supportive to the students needs. Financially they are extremely transparent and want the best outcome for each student; never wasting one’s time.

Soleina H.

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