Recreational Pilot Permit

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The Recreational Pilot Permit is an quick and affordable way to learn how to fly for fun. It can also be easily upgraded to a Private Pilot License should you decide to continue your pilot training.

License Overview

A Recreational Pilot Permit will allow you to carry up to one passenger with an aircraft that has four seats or less. You will be able to fly within Canada’s borders.

Program Prerequisites

You’ll need to be at least 16 years old.

You’ll need a Class 4 medical

A Class 4 medical exam can be obtained by having your family doctor fill out the medical declaration form for you.


Program Overview

License Requirements

In order to obtain your RPP, you’ll need a minimum of:

  • 25 hours of flight training
    • 15 hours dual flight (with an instructor).
    • 5 hours solo flight.

Although ground school is not required by the Canadian Air Regulations, you still need to pass the exam and most likely need some help.

You’ll need to pass a Transport Canada flight and written exam to obtain your permit.

Program Length
The courses will take approximately 4-8 weeks. However, we have flexible training options to match each student’s schedule and the pace they are comfortable with.

Program Costs

The estimated costs are calculated using the minimums provided by Transport Canada multiplied by our hourly rates for each service. The estimated costs don’t include the fuel surcharge. 


Flight Training
15 Hours Dual Flight $3,825
10 Hours Solo Flight $1,850
5 Hours Ground Briefings $350
Textbooks $200
Additional Fees
Transport Canada Written Exam Fee $150
Transport Canada Flight Examiner Fee $350
Transport Canada Licensing Fee $100
Total Estimated Training Costs $6,825

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